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  • THUM

    MooTeam invited exhibitors [2013] Global Mobile Internet Expo

    2013-12-10 | News

    Sponsored by the innovation Valley,China Mobile's mobile Internet technology, Internet industry association and Guangdong Province Enterprise Association hosted,"2013 Global Mobile Internet Innovation Expo Carnival" will be held in Guangzhou Nan Fung International Convention and Exhibition Centre December 7 to 8. .

  • 2013-web-design-trends-infographic

    8A new website design trends 2013

    2013-07-03 | Skills and resources

    1. Adaptive page layout - With PC products,Escalating rich mobile devices,Compatible work has become very difficult,Adaptive layout pages once considered very necessary   2. "Flat" in vogue,With the release of the Metro system windows,Recent iOS7 the new UI is easy to see,Flat design will be the future bad ...

  • A-Good-User-Interface

    7Months to improve the effectiveness of the new page layout recommendations

    2013-04-20 | Skills and resources

    With network development whether it is on the website it is recommended that the design of the e-mail 1. The try single row layout instead of the multi-column layout ,Part will distract the attention of,Thus miss the core part of the body,Single row layout is easy to guide the audience with carefully arranged from top to bottom focus on your content 2. "Thoughtful gift" rather than blunt ...

  • cloud

    30Application of innovative cloud-Cloud Apps

    2012-07-09 | News

    Living in the Information Age,A mass of information the world,面 多 这 无数 的 生活 在 信息 时代,People feel more and more powerless. ",How to manage good these scattered information data? ,Want the freedom to find the information you need? .