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Guangzhou Development Zone International Tennis School


Location: Guangzhou·China

Guangzhou Development Zone International Tennis School(下 称 开发区 国际 网校),于 2001 年 经 广州 开发区 管委会, 萝岗 区 政府 正式 批复 成立,为 国家 网球 运动 管理 中心 认定 的 注册 资格 单位,公 办 专业 网球 运动 培训 学校,总 投资 超过 2 亿 人民币.

培养 国际 一流 的 网球 精英
高水平 的 专业 培训,高 层次 的 国际 眼光,A high standard of education in government schools,China and the world will as the cradle of high-end tennis talent. ,But also for the dream of acquiring a high level tennis training but insisted school students provide an ideal platform for growth,For future access to foreign and domestic universities lay the foundation for further studies.

Development of international classes online mission: build first Wang Xiao,Build a strong area of ​​modern sports
- The full shape of both technical expertise and cultural knowledge of tennis overall quality of talent,Cultivate noble morality, strong physique, strong will and the spirit of pioneering and innovative all-round talents.

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